Monday, September 10, 2012

Actually its been a big couple of weeks. A big Summer I guess! So after graduation Chris and I headed on our Alaska cruise with the married adults on his side of the family. Wow that was amazing and a nice change of weather for a week! Then we headed to Lake Powell with the youth of our ward as chaparones which was so fun too! Then we headed off to our annual Havasupai trip which was fun as well, and I was worried being 18 weeks pregnant when we went but I took it easy and only carried a camelback. Chris wouldnt let me have anything else! Chloe finally lost her first tooth ( thanks Matt Harmon). The girls started school again. We found out that baby Booher #3 looks very healthy at 20 weeks and surprise it another girl! I think we are both suprisingly really excited for another girl! The only problem is that we dont have a single name! And today, after months and many interviews, I got my first job offer as an RN! Im soooo excited! So a lot going on in our household, many new and exciteing things to come!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I can breathe!

This was by far the hardest semester, but I passed with flying colors, and graduated yesterday! I am officially a registered nurse, now I just have to take and pass my boards! I am the one with the red shoes in the front row, standing by the tallest person in our class! It was hard and challenging, but I love what I do and have done things that I never thought I could do!

christmas 2011

We had a good Christmas, went up to Utah to "ski" but due to lack of snow, we settled for iceskating which the girls picked up really quickly.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The gangs all here

This is the Lloyd fam, mom and dad, 9 kids, 4 spouses, and all 15 grandkids

This is the first time in about 11 years that the whole entire family has been together!

Isnt she the sweetest thing!

If you know clo, then you know that she is NOT photogenic at all, so this is an extremely rare photo where she is almost as beautiful in it as she is in real life!

60's for the 60th

For Mike's 60th birthday party in October we had a 60's themed party. All 9 ( yes I said ALL 9) of his children were there to celebrate and most of us dressed in our grooviest 60's gear! There was good food, a live band, and lots and lots of friends and family!

Alec and friends

Big Jim, Little Jim, Rachel, JoAnna, & Aaron

Nice wig Chris, and who the heck is that mystery hippie dude?

groovy baby!

Brenda had the best boots ever!

Brady and Cody

Gwen and Jim

Rachel and Jim


For spirit week in September the first day was cowboy day. Bella wanted to also be a pirate!

Then came decade day. Chloe was a hippie and bella was a rockstar!